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Last updated - Nov 2018

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My exhibition at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford has finished,
but I will be showing at The John Radcliffe Hospital in August and September 2019.
Link to the exhibition even though it's gone!

I'll be exhibiting at EDITH ROAD WORKSHOPS in May 2019 for Artweeks
First two weekends in May from 11am to 6pm, I think. Click Here for more details

Galleries and other sets of photos

Ones with brighter yellow background are updated.

Churchill Exhibition

Cornwall Print Gallery

Scotland Print Gallery

Yorkshire Gallery

Winter Gallery

Woodland Gallery

Other sea and water

Other land and urban

The galleries (linked to from above) are new and currently being added to.

The pages below are various photo sets

New and Recent

Isles of Scilly

Outer Hebrides


West Coast Ireland

Mainland Scotland

Fields, Bluebells

Experimental work


Greetings cards

Clicking anywhere below links to the Churchill Hospital Exhibition page
Lightly churned sea, Hell Bay, Bryher - This is used in the 'stirred up waters' Scilly page.

Samson from near St Mary's - morning sunshine

The Eastern Isles from near St Martin's - morning

Rocky outcrops between St Martin's and Tresco - hazy light

Sea colours from Samson - used in the 'sea textures' page.

Gordon Stokes Photography

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