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Beach palette
Sky palette

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Mixing colour as light and pigment

Click on TOP row of sliders (hue, saturation, lightness) to alter the top two colour boxes.
Click on a sand image at the bottom and the top left hand one will change to that - click on a sky image (right) and the right hand one will change.

Clicking on any of the other sliders does nothing.

The lower boxes will then change colour. The left hand one will mix as though the top boxes are light, while the right hand one will mix as though the top two are pigments.

This doesn't work properly yet. The relative lightness needs changing for pigment and light mixing to look realistic. The mixing of light means that the way round the colour circle that the mixed light is chosen is not always right. (Computers work from 0-255 while reality's not like that)

Netscape reads the co-ordinates of the mouse pointer differently to other browsers and I haven't worked out how. Sorry!
Click on the hue, saturation and lightness bars immediately below. They don't work as true sliders. Doesn't work in Firefox - sorry.
The box below is the top two mixed as light (hsl)
The box below is the top two mixed as pigment (rgb)