Photographs (mainly) of woodland - Gordon Stokes

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These are photos I have printed and mounted. They vary in size from about 13 by 18 cms in a 24 by 30 cm frame, to A3 size in a 40 by 50 frame. They aren't necessarily the same shape and tone as those I have printed.

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Tree at Holwell, near Burford (1452)
Bluebells, Bean Wood, Oakenholt, near Farmoor (651)
Hazy bluebells, Wytham Woods (1153)
Sunny bluebells, Cothill Nature Reserve (1354)
Bluebells and beech trees, Wytham Woods (1154)
Beech trees in spring, Wytham Woods (1051)
Wytham Woods, spring (1454)
Light through bluebells, Wytham Wood (1455)
Thin line of bluebells, Wytham Woods (1458)
Looking up through trees, Hidcote, Glos (1791)
Bluebells on hillside, Wytham Woods (1155)
Bluebells and beech trees, Wytham Woods (1457)
Log in Stream, Quantock Hills (022)
Tree in spring, Hidcote, Glos (1151)
Bare trees trunks, Wytham Woods (951)
Spring, Tackley Woods (1352)
Path through bluebells, Wytham Woods (1453)
Blubells full bloom, Wytham Woods (1753)
Early spring, Wytham Woods (1353)
Fritillaries near Cumnor (1156)
Buckbean in pond, near Cumnor (1052)
Bluebells and beech trees, Wytham Woods (1751)
Bluebells and beech trees, Wytham Woods (1152)
Buzzard, Kite, Clouds, Trees, Wytham Woods (1752)
Old Oak Tree, Blenheim Palace Park (020)
Lebanon Cedar over lake, Blenheim (019)
Beechtree from Grand Bridge, Blenheim (018)
Tree reflected in lake, Blenheim (017)
Old Oak Tree, Blenheim (021)