An Abár Mhór (Owenmore) Estuary

The Owenmore (An Abár Mhór in gaelic) river runs from the East side of
Brandon Mountain to the sea in about five miles,
but it has a large estuary with sand and mud banks. Owenmore, Abar Mhor, Dingle Peninsula, Gordon Stokes

The river flows out into Brandon Bay (Bá Bhreandáin)
which has a beach which stretched about nine miles to the end of the Castlegregory peninsula.
This photo shows the first two or three miles

The photo below shows a floating island 'mirage' that often occours over the sea
towards distant islands, oil rigs, or whatever.
In this case these are two of "The Seven Hogs" (or Magharee Island [Oileáin an Mhachaire in gaelic]).
Here they don't appear to float, but look like they have white cliffs.
The Seven Hogs, Dingle Peninsula, Gordon Stokes
I don't know whether the Mhachaire in the name of the islands is from the same root as Machair in Scottish Gaelic, but aerial photos seem to show they're covered in grassland that makes up machair.

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