Recent additions to web site

When Added Direct link Found in ... Notes
October 2018 Galleries of photos and photo sets - this links to Cornwall Home page Several galleries added - Cornwall is only one of several
September 2018 Churchill Hospital Exhibition, Oxford Isles of Scilly 22nd September - 14th December 2018
July 2018 Isles of Scilly seascapes Isles of Scilly
July 2018 DIY Shorelines - Scilly Isles of Scilly Only for mouse computers
July 2018 DIY Shades of sea - Scilly Isles of Scilly - for touch screens ...
July 2018 DIY Stirred up water - Scilly Isles of Scilly ... go to "Isles of Scilly" page for link
July 2018 Flora and rocks - Scilly Isles of Scilly
July 2018 New York moved to back catalogue Back Catalogue
July 2018 Sets of sea photos from 2016 and 2017 Cornwall These were on the home page till June 2018