Recent additions to web site

When Added Direct link Found in ... Notes
January 2019 Stages in creating a Fortran image Experimental Uses the same format as photo galleries
October 2018 Galleries of photos and photo sets - this links to Cornwall Home page Several galleries added - Cornwall is only one of several
September 2018 Churchill Hospital Exhibition, Oxford Isles of Scilly 22nd September - 14th December 2018
July 2018 Isles of Scilly seascapes Isles of Scilly
July 2018 DIY Shorelines - Scilly Isles of Scilly Only for mouse computers
July 2018 DIY Shades of sea - Scilly Isles of Scilly - for touch screens ...
July 2018 DIY Stirred up water - Scilly Isles of Scilly ... go to "Isles of Scilly" page for link
July 2018 Flora and rocks - Scilly Isles of Scilly