Sand of Connemara

Connemara has a mix of sands. Most are related to its granite, but there are many shell and even some 'coral' beaches.

Gorteen Bay

Bits of Gorteen Bay can get quite busy on a sunny weekend, but walk beyond the graveyard and it's pretty quiet. The sand is almost powdery.

Dog's Bay

Dog's Bay is the other side of the tombolo from Gorteen Bay

Bunowen Bay

Bunowen Bay is a little port with a fish smokery nearby


Aillebrack is a brilliant beach

Mannin Bay

There are loads of beaches along the north of the peninsula that goes west of Ballyconeely. They nearly all have dunes behind with 'machair' as found in the Outer Hebrides

Mannin Bay coral beach

It's not really coral but the remains of a type of seaweed. It's a sort of limestone. Many people visiting don't notice that it's not sand, but some of the pieces are very large, mixed in with shells.

Clifden boat house

Clifden doesn't have a beach, but just a mile out of town is the boathouse, with a nice laid back café and a beach

Omey Island

Omey Island is only an island at hight tide. The rest of the time you can drive across the beach to get there, though it makes a lot more sense to walk, unless you live there


Not really a beach but there's sand in the coves and it's a great area to explore

Sellerna Bay

A lovely quiet beach where you can watch the boats going to Inishbofin and gaze towards the cliffs on Achill Island


A little beach with curraghs on the beach and a horse that comes and says hello


Don't let the seaweed in this photo put you off


There are many beaches on the Renvyle peninsula. This one has a car park and is next to a camp site but don't let that put you off


You won't find Lettergesh on the map, but it's not far from Lettergesh East which is the the western side of Benchoona. A lovely beach that suffered from storm damage in the winter of 2013-4

Cuillin River Estuary

Sand in river estuaries is always worth a look (as long it's not mud)


Glassillaun is magical

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