Sand of Mainland Scotland

Scotland's a big place and I've only collected sand from a few places on the mainland. But it was beaches on the west coast and the outer hebrides that made me think it was worth taking a tiny bit home - mainly because the beaches were so beautiful, but also because the sand seemed so white. In fact the sand from Traigh Scurrival on Barra remains as, I think, the whitest I've seen (alongside Lawrance's Bay on St Martins in Scilly).

Camas Darrach, Morar

This was the beach that the oil company wanted to buy in 'Local Hero' (though the telephone box that the moped goes past is 100 miles away on the east coast). It faces Rhum and Eigg.

Sandwood Bay, Sutherland

Sandwood Bay almost has a mythology about it as the best beach in Britain. It's either four miles along a rough track from the south, or ten miles over very rough ground from Cape Wrath.

Sorry - I've never been there, so no photo
(sand kindly donated by Professor Allsop and Dr Smallman (Mrs))

West Sands, St Andrews

If you're a golfer this beach has symbolic value as it backs on to the Justified and Ancient - oh no - that's the KLF and Tammy Wynette track from 1991 - err; I mean the famous golf course

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