South Street Gallery - Churchill Hospital, Oxford

The Churchill Hospital is in the Headington Area of Oxford, to the East of the City Centre.
The postcode is OX3 7LE.
The Hospital's "How to Find Us" web page

The South Street Gallery is off the Link Corridor between the old and new entrances to the hospital. It is close to the restaurant. The hospital is open all day.

  • From the Main Entrance, go up the stairs ahead of you, keep straight on along the main link corridor, past Day Surgery, then turn right into South Street
  • From the other side (the Number 4 bus service) is easiest to go through the entrance signed "to surgeries and wards" and South Street is on the left after abuot 50 yards
  • If you end up going in through the East Entrance off Car Park 4 it's a bit complicated, but head for the Restaurant, keep going a few yards and it's the corridor to the right

I hope those instructions are right, and I apologise if they're not, or if you know better!

Other information:-

  • The car parks can be very busy at clinic times. At most car parks you pay just before leaving, but Car Park 4 by the East Entrance is Pay and Display. Pricing is basically 1:40 per hour.
  • The No 4 buses from the City Centre stop in Girdlestone Way (marked above) and you can walk through to the old entrances to the hospital.
  • The 900 runs from Thornhill Park and Ride on the A40, and the 700 runs from Water Eaton (Oxford Parkway station). They stop on Churchill Drive outside the Main Entrance.
  • You can park a bike in various places. The closest is just outside the entrance I call "another entrance" in the map above>

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