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Beàrnaraigh (Berneray), Outer Hebrides

There are a number of islands called Berneray in the Western Isles, but the main one, the only populated one, this one, is in the Sound of Harris (Caolas na Hearadh), between Harris and North Uist.
It's about three miles by two and has a small village, a shop and café, church, post office, about 140 inhabitants and lot of space. Until about 2002 it was a 'real' island, but is now connected to North Uist by a causeway. The ferries from Harris also land here, so it's a lot less cut off than it used to be.

Baile Beach

Baile Beach (meaning Town, Village or Settlement) is a lovely white sandy beach backed by sand dunes and only spoiled by camper vans parked up on the top of the dunes. The water's shallow and the sand goes quite a way out, so the water has lovely colours in most lights.

Glitter on the sea, Berneray (#1569)

Sunlight in the distance

The hills of southern Harris

West Beach, Berneray

West Beach is un-named on the maps but stretches along the entire West Coast of the island, and then round the North side. It has a fame of sorts in that a photo of it was used in a Thai tourist brochure. You can see why, but it's been pointed out that you'd probably remember where you were if you took a dip in the water. When the lower picture was taken it was easier to walk backwards because the wind was so strong.

Machair near West Beach

West Beach, Berneray - sunny but windy (1568)


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