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Hills of Harris from a distance

From Northton (Taobh Tuath)

South Harris has the highest mountains in the Western Isles with An Cliseam reaching 799 metres. Northton (or Taobh Tuath) is at the end of a line of spectacular beaches, but its alignment gives good views back to the mountains.

From Berneray

The Machair on Berneray gave me the impression of the prairies in Wyoming (though I've never been there). In fact there's about six miles of sea to the first land on Harris then another 10 miles or so to the mountains.

From Sollas Beach

The Udal pensinsula is made largely of dunes and machair connecting rocky outcrops
and extends about three miles. The two shots were taken from Tràigh Ear, also known as Sollas beach.


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