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Irish Minimalist Beach Photos

Kilshannig, Barna sands, Dingle Peninsula, 
Gordon Stokes

Cappagh, Fermoyle Strand, Dingle Peninsula, 
Gordon Stokes

I'm drawn to horizontal lines across photos, especially light between darker elements. Those above all display that, and are taken from various places, though mainly the Dingle Peninsula and the Castlegregory area. The one below is at the far South East of Ireland at Kilmore Quay. It really is a minimalist beach because it disappears at low tide. But you can see the change in the waves where they hit the very shallow water.

It's called St Patrick's Bridge and it extends towards the Saltee Islands which are few miles offshore. Apparently St Patrick was so taunted by the devil while on Croagh Patrick (St Patrick's Mountain), that he chased the devil all the way across Ireland. The Devil swam out to the Saltee Islands, but St Patrick couldn't swim. So he hurled rocks and gravel into the sea to make this causeway. As an old lady said to a friend of mine (about another similarly unlikely story) "I don't believe it .... but it's true!"


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