gordon stokes photography

Isles of Scilly flora and rocks

These are generally relatively close up pictures - same might say more intimate than most fo my minimalist (or maybe ethereal) shots.

Thrift growing by shore (as it does). This is on the west side of Gweal Hill on Bryher

Cow parsley and other flowers by the shore. Great Popplestones, Bryher

Sorrel I think, but I'm no botanist - On East end of St Martin's

Foxgloves on Heathy Hill, Bryher

Foxgloves on Samson, looking towards the Eastern Isles

Grasses on Samson

Thrift and rocks, Shipman Head Down, Bryher

Granite lumps, Droppy Nose Point area, Bryher

Granite, Heathy Hill, Bryher

Stones, Little Bay, St Martin's

Stone maze or mandala, Little Bay, St Martin's


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