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Isles of Scilly Seascapes

These were all taken in June 2018. Most but not all were taken from the boats that go between islands, especially between Bryher and St martin's and to Tresco and Samson.

"The Lord Nelson" in Crow Sound from near St Martin's

Western Rocks (Great and Little Crebawethan) from Droppy Nose Point on Bryher - about six miles distant

Round Island (with lighthouse), St Helen's and Teän from between Tresco and St Martin's

The Eastern Isles from South of St martin's

The Eastern Isles from South of St Martin's

Samson from South of Tresco

Samson behind tidal rocks, from near Tresco

West Par beach on Samson with North Hill behind

Samson Hill on Bryher from the landing beach on Samson

Rocky tidal outcrops near St Martin's

Little and Great Cheese Rocks - Guther's Island can just be made out towards the left

More rocky outcrops between St Martin's and Tresco

Round Island, Teän and St Martin's from Pentle Bay, Tresco

Around the North of Tresco en route to Bryher late afternoon sunshine

Hell Bay on the West coast of Bryher takes the full force of the Atlantic (unlike most other inhabited islands). These were taken on a day that most surfers in Cornwall would regard as pretty quiet.


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