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The Cuillins mountains of Skye - moved a bit

The Cuillins as seen from Hanko, Finland

The Cuillins as seen from Beachy Head with a sea mist

The Cuillins as seen from Southwold

The Cuillins as seen from Svalbard

You never know where a mountain range could have been. We're ruled by the geology and geomorphology that we've got, but with a few minor shifts in plate tectonics a few hundreds of millions of years ago things could have looked very different today. If a butterfly flapping its little wings in Japan can lead to a storm in Western Europe, a butterfly 300 million years ago could have caused even bigger changes. So don't blame the politicians, property developers or big business - blame the butterflies.

And, who knows, there may be mountain ranges lurking in parallel worlds where we least expect them. Ask Philip Pullman - he'll tell you.

The mountains are all from the same shot of the Cuillin range on Skye taken from the West. The rest, except for the one just above, were all taken where they say they were. The one above uses the same image as in the first, taken late afternoon in October in Finland.

The original looked like this, below.

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