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This page contains downloadable reports, in two sections. The first are a small selections of old papers of which I was an author which have never been electronically available. The second are some rural transport papers by various authors which are no longer available elsewhere on the web.

The links below are to pdf files, which can be saved using right-click.

Some of my old reports, electronically published

The papers below were mostly written when I worked at Transport Studies Unit (University of Oxford) in the 1980s and 1990s. They represent material that people have shown interest in more recently, and which I had electronic copies of which I could make into usable 'pdf' files. I hope to be able to add a few more soon.

"The Love affair with the car - wedlock or deadlock?" by Gordon Stokes, Francesca Kenny and Sharon Cullinane; paper presented to PTRC Summer Annual Meeting, 1991

"Transport: The New Realism" by Phil Goodwin, Gordon Stokes, Francesca Kenny, and Sharon Cullinane; Transport Studies Unit Report 624, 1991 (from current TSU web site)

"The public acceptability of sustanable transport policies: findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey" by Gordon Stokes and Bridget Taylor. Paper presented to the Universities Transport Studies Group, 1995

"Long term effects of current trends in transport on land use in Great Britain" by Gordon Stokes. Paper presented to PTRC Summer Annual Meeting, 1992. (This and the next paper are pretty similar though do have differences)

"The effects of current trends in transport on the countryside in Britain" by Gordon Stokes. Paper presented to Universities Transport Studies Group (UTSG) conference, 1992. (This and the last paper are pretty similar though do have differences)

"Test of a time-geographic measure of accessibility: the effects of policies" by Gordon Stokes. Oxford TSU Report 631. (A short paper summarising the work I did for a PhD in Reading University Geography Department in the 1970s, which I never completed)

"Towards transport planning methodologies that help lead to sustainable development" by Gordon Stokes. Oxford TSU Report 755, 1994

Newer presentations and papers

Has car use per person peaked? Age, gender and car use. Presentation to Transport Statistics Users Group, April 2012

Rural transport 'thinkpieces' 2010 and 2011

That many reports on rural transport that were available are now 'lost' is testament to the lack of permenence of the internet - in this case brought about by the break up of the Commission for Rural Communities in 2010 and 2011.
Here I have posted some of the reports that I have either been directly involved with, or which I feel are of value to researchers.

These reports were published as 'transport thinkpieces', written in 2009 and published in early 2011. They should have been transferred to the National Archive, but don't seem to be available there.

Implications of an International Review of rural transport - by Norman James and Clare Waldron (STAR consultants)

How will rural people travel in 2030? by Jon Shaw (Plymouth University) and Gordon Stokes (university of Oxford)

As far as I know all these reports are in the public domain and are available without restriction. If anyone knows differently and thinks I should not be posting these here do please politely let me know and I will remove them. Or if they are available elsewhere I will happily change the reference to a link to where they are available.

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